About SWS

                                                          TOYOTA SouthWest Superlates
                                                                            Short track Superlate Model stock cars on the fast 2 1/2 mile road course 

                                       "BRINGING THE FUN BACK TO RACING"                                                                "TIGHT CLOSE RACING ACTION"


If you love the fender rubbing, bumper banging, close racing action, and the loud thunder of V8 Stock Cars, or the high-speed precision driving, shifting gears of road course racing, then this is the ultimate series for you! Whether you're a driver, team owner, sponsor or fan, the SWS Racing Series at Willow Springs Raceway is the place to be with your family & friends.  

The SWS Series is a spinoff of the exciting TOYOTA Sportsman Challenge Series back in the mid 1990's.  The TSCS launched the careers for many drivers who went on to win Championships in other divisions; like Trans Am Champion Brian Simo, NASCAR K&N West series Champions Austin Cameron & Greg Pursley, NASCAR Southwest Tour Champion Auggie Vidovich, and many others that went on to successful careers.      


  With a new look, a new name, and some new faces, the SouthWest Superlate Series is growing by leaps & bounds just in its first year. Drivers such as legand NASCAR Southwest Tour Champion Ron Esau, Willow Springs Super Production Champion Steve Rzesnowiecky, and SCCA Champion Gayle Chase have came back along with some new young guns to put their names in the record books.      

The SWS Series is designed to utilize existing oval track stock cars, Superlate Models, Late Models & Tour type cars. Using the existing rule package with minor changes to accomodate an economical road race package, allowing teams to change there cars from oval track to road racing with minimal cost.  In this economy, we understand money is tight for teams and fans, SWS races are 1-day Saturday events scheduled once a month. With a race length of 20 laps, this offers a lot of close-racing action over a good lenght of time, which is not to long for the fans to watch and keeps tire & maitenence cost down for the teams.  With a good purse, cash awards, product sponsorships and a lot of fun for each race.  The purse payout is payed that day at the end of each, no waiting for your check to show up in the mail.     

  We're looking forward to the future of the TOYOTA SWS Racing Series at Willow Springs Raceway, with 8 races scheduled for 2013, starting the end of March ending the first week of December.  Our goal is to get as much exposure possible for all the sponsors involved.  Each race will be broadcast live via the web, with updates and press releases to media outlets.  With many new sponsorship opportunities available, the SWS Series is a perfect fit for any business large or small.
Part of the SWS team is Tommy & Jeffrey's Low Budget TV bringing high quality 9 corner lap-by-lap action, driver interviews and highlights.
The new SWS Racing Series full-color program will provide a long lasting impression, with stats, pictures, information and advertisments.
Check out our FaceBook page for updates; interact with drivers, team members and share new pictures.  



* If you're a driver or team new to the SWS Racing Series and would like to get involved, please check out our "Manufacturer's" page for help.  There are many good, honest racing manufacturers that can point you in the right direction.

* If you're looking to sponsor or get involved with a certain driver and team, please check out our "Meet the Drivers" page and see our line up of professional drivers that would be more than happy to represent your company.  

* If you'd like to get involved with the SWS Racing Series, give us a call.  I'm sure we can come up with a plan that will fit your expectations and budget.

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SWS Racing Series