High Flying Round #3 for SWS
The TOYOTA Southwest Superlates took to Willow Springs International Raceway for round #3 of the exciting road course action on June 21st.  The series saw a wild round #2 with Legends, Trucks, and Super Late Models during the May extravaganza of high speeds and dirt-flinging, tight corner racing.  Corey Fancy brought home the victory, showing once again that his competitive nature and last year's championship trophy is nothing to bat an eye at.

The Legends returned for more light-weight and super handling, tackling the 9-turn, 2.5 mile road course in 1930's fashion.  Two new drivers graced the raceway this time out, throwing a total of six on the points tally.  #74 Karlee Polon and Irwindale Speedway short track regular #6 Tyler Hicks were door to door early in the race for the 10 lap main event.  Polon eventually pulled away from Hicks to claim the first ever victory for a female under the SWS banner.  The Legends now have a 3 way tie for the lead in the points.
The Super Trucks was a duel between Race Liberante and Bryan Jeffrey.  Truck racing on the famed road course has produced some phenomenal moments in SWS history.  With door banging, these truckers are not afraid to trade a little paint.  Liberante wheeled his way to a dominating win.

Rzesnoweicky claimed the pole by over half of a second over title defender Fancy.  Ron Esau returned to the series to put down the third fastest time in qualifying.  Michelle Nagai and George Atkinson Jr. rounded out the top 5.
The invert set the field for an exciting start in the 20 lap main event.  Fancy made sure the field knew he was in it to win it when he took over the lead early and never looked back.  Rzesnowiecky notably fell back in the pack despite the speed seen earlier in the day.  Strategy plays a major role in these races.  Opening a massive lead over second place, the yellow #29 was looking to dominate the field, but all things changed, as they often do, once the first 15 laps ended.
The five lap shootout is a make it or break it shootout that determines the winner.  With the field bunched back, Rzesnowiecky jumped to the lead on the green flag.  Going through the upper section of the track and battling for the lead, Ron Esau lost control and literally flew off track, getting all 4 tires off of the ground.  The incident did not keep the veteran Esau from getting right back on track and finishing the race.  Fancy was visibly closing in on Rzesnowiecky to challenge for the lead, but it was not looking like he would have enough time.  Flying through the upper section, Bear broke sideways through the upper turn 4, and nearly spun off the track.  The incident opened the door for Fancy to snatch the lead and eventually come around to take home his second consecutive win of the year.
The win puts Fancy in the lead in points, looking for his second consecutive championship with the SWS.  The next exciting installment of racing for the series happens July 19th.  For more information on the TOYOTA SWS, please visit www.swsracing.com.

1.   #3 Stefan Rzesnowiecky 1:23.724
2.   #63 Gail Chase 1:23.914
3.   #29 Corey Fancy 1:24.047
4.   #56 Ron Esau 1:25.770
5.   #20 Kevin O'Connell 1:25.369
6.   #72 Michelle Nagai 1:25.647
7.   #22 Andrew Muscanell 1:25.957
8.   #16 Cody Ware 1:26.058
9.   #65 George Atkinson 1:27.906
10.   #51 Steve Hamilton 1:29.980
11.   #57 Chuck Craddock 1:34.118

Full Points

1.   #66 Brian Jeffery 1:42.372

1.   #74 Karlee Polon 1:42.392
2.   #6 Tyler Hicks 1:46.618

1.   #29 Corey Fancy
2.   #56 Ron Esau
3.   #63 Gail Chase
4.   #72 Michelle Nagai
5.   #22 Andrew Muscanell
6.   #65 George Atkinson
7.   #3 Stefan Rzesnowiecky
8.   #57 Chuck Craddock
9.   #20 Kevin O'Connell
10.   #51 Steve Hamilton
11.   #16 Cody Ware

Full Points

1.   #3 Race Liberante
2.   #78 Lucas McNeil
3.   #66 Brian Jeffery
4.   #55 DJ Jeffrey

1.   #22 Lacie Price